Thursday, 24 August, 2017 - 3:30 pm

All a Matter of Perspective A shoe company once decided to send a salesman to the jungles of Africa. The first salesman they sent upon arriving sends an urgent telegram: “Please send return ticket. Everyone here goes barefoot!” They then decided to try again with another salesman. Upon his arrival they get another telegram: “Increase production and start shipping product. No one here has any shoes!” Moshe in discussing reward and punishment with the Jewish people uses the words “Look, I have set before you a Blessing and a Curse..” You may wonder, what exactly was he asking them to look at? They were still in the desert and had not yet experienced real life in the Promised Land and they certainly could not see the results of living according to the ways of G-d or not. Another difficulty with the wording is “A blessing AND a curse”, Moshe was really saying that it was their choice if they were going to be have the blessing OR the curse! The answer is that our Vision or Perspective ITSELF can be a blessing or a curse! And every individual thing or situation is both a blessing and a curse depending on the way we look at it. In our vision of faith in G-d be believe that everything is for the good. Sometimes the good is easily apparent and sometimes we don’t see the good right away. We are challenged to try to see the good in everyone, everything and every situation. It may take time, it may be a challenge, but it’s all a matter of perspective!
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